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Industrial food freed us from the chains of the past cooking tasks. Unfortunately, the price of this emancipation and carefree looks like a pact with the devil we would pay with our health. From synthetic fertilizers to radiations, from taste additives in the reconstituted food to repetitive scandals through what we do not know yet, diet seems to have left his soul, and we, our relation to living, natural, in truth, that I call "Authentic". An authentic that we must find, on pain of letting our health right here, right now. To achieve this, would not it be great to reconnect with our fundamentals? We cannot say that the culinary arts leave everyone indifferent: thousands of websites are dedicated to the latest and greatest trends and each TV channel has now its cooking show.

And yet ... "Gourmandise" lives paradoxical hours. Never we have been talked so much about culinary creations or household robots. And yet we have so few eaten healthily and never so few diner at the table with family? Home cooking and its corollary, the meal at table with family, is actually at the heart of this paradox. The figures bear this out. This practice is far from being deemed obsolete by the vast majority of people but many studies show that the time down to eat is important for 93% of these but only 43% of us share each evening the table with family. Although the acceleration of social rhythms combine to reduce the time spent at the table, the idea that the act of eating can be reduced at its sole functional dimension can't make sense in the long term neither for the body, nor for the mind. The time of the meal must remain valued for itself and appear as necessary for life in society. Shouldn't our generation change the way she thinks food?

"The pleasure of eating is common with the animals. The pleasure of the table is unique to the human species." "Pleasure to eat" and "pleasure of the table" ... are places where we can deploy sharing, exchange, conviviality, times where a certain way of being is expressed. Unfortunately, there is no denying that the culinary transmission is "in crisis". Particularly regarding to what used to be called as good table manners, which we must admit they do not always allowed this personal expression that boasts contemporary individualism. But it is obvious that the time to eat with family remains one of the most effective defenses against a certain number of illness engendered by our societies, especially if we remember that satiety begins to appear 30 minutes after the start of the meal. Thus, in terms of health, give a little bit more importance to what our parents or grandparents gave us could be a way to preserve obesity. And face to the pressures imposed by the daily rhythms, this time devoted to meals remains in all cases a breakaway temporary out of professional concern. The transmission of culinary knowledge through generations of mothers and daughters collapsed: with this knowledge also passed some women's issues, that is to say an overwhelming servitude. The vision of an ancient "Mama Chef "ruling over his chains and cauldrons, who therefore could still claim it? A new kitchen had to be designed: liberating, healing, human but healthy. This is why I created Natuza, as a new art of living. The industrialization and adulteration of most ingredients on the market force new challenges. With Natuza, I am betting reconcile gastronomy, modern life and proper nutrition, combining common sense and ancestral knowledge.


Cuisine is an art that touches at the essence of our friendly relationships, at the symbolic of our connections with the world. Source of life, the food itself is something living. It is source of life and can only be developed in a life environment. We should ban to reduce it to an inert matter, dead or mineral which would be used as a vulgar mechanical spare part. Because cuisine is the visible part of a love, discreet and enveloping, a work of art to consume immediately and a life education that feeds the body for a long time .... a lifetime!

January 07, 2016 by Nathalie de CEGLIE
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