About Natuza

Innovative and progressive, Natuza is revolutionizing the way people eat by reinventing steam cuisine. Under this new vision, the House defines another "Art de vivre" for the 21st century and want to build a respectable image as one of the most desirable food houses.

Contemporary and romantic - Natuza products want to represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship food and healthy cuisine delivered at home and to be recognized for their quality and attention to detail.

Corporate Responsibility

Promoting an education of healthy eating
Enthuse our customers through the sale of excellent quality products.
Promote Happiness and Excellence of all our employees in the Company
Taking care of our Earth and our environment.

Our Philosophy

The promotion, protection and improvement of the quality of life and the socio-economic development of local, national and international communities are part of our business ethics.

The Story behind NATUZA

narrated by Nathalie de CEGLIE, CEO & Founder.

"The treasure of my childhood.
From as far as I can remember, I see myself talking to these winter magic beans that hung beneath their green franc foliage, biting into the hot sun tomato, which was lounging on its foot the second before, stargazing the eyes of my mother to whom we offered in a basket the treasure of the garden.
I loved our gourmet and family meals, this French practice where it is celebrated the most important moments of life. These festive meals where we practice the art of "eating well" and "drinking well". Those which focus on being well together and the simple pleasure of taste, and which create harmony between humans and productions of Nature.
I pulled on the pink apron of my mother and grandmother, antique "mama cookers" reigning over their cauldrons under an overwhelming bondage to lick with my finger the remains of this profusion.
There was laughter, color, there was taste.
This lifestyle, this "Art de Vivre ", I named it Natuza."  


To achieve the level of Excellence which correspond to its quality standard , Natuza surrounded with more than 300 partners on the American soil. Day after day, they contribute with their work to reach that high level of requirement.

We wish to pay tribute right here and right now.


Natuza Corporation
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Los Angeles - California
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