Join and Get:

Ambassador Referral program during the pre-order campaign
Receive a total refund of your machine during the pre-order campaign:
Share our pre-order campaign link with friends and family and get referral rewards as Natuza Ambassador.

- $150 refund for the first 3 successful referrals.
- $50 referral refunds per referral until your Natuza machine is free.
- $20 coupon to your referral

Upon the completion of our pre-order campaign, we will refund you based on the number of referrals that lead to successful contributions

How to track your results
1. Sign into your Natuza account.
2. Select “My Profile” option.
3. Click on “Referrals” tab for the totals of Referrals that result from your sharing.

Natuza Club benefits:
Quick and fast orders directly from the machine or Natuza App on your mobile
Free Standard Shipping on qualifying orders
Technical online assistance for your machine
Exclusive offers and loyalty rewards
VIP and private Events
Natuza Digital Magazine 
Natuza Nutrition Experts 24/7