Controlled steam injection. Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
2-5 min cooking time
Pre-heating time: 15 seconds
Automatic sleep mode (configurable)
Depth 13” (33 cm)
Width   12.8” (32.5cm)
Height   11”(28cm) (fits under most cabinets)
About 24” when plate drawer is open.
Weight approx 20lbs (10kg)
Integrated display:7” Diagonal, WVGA 16.7MColor TFT Display, with capacitive touch screen.
Full mobile device wireless connectivity Wi-Fi(802.11 a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth (Low Energy 4.0)
Quality stereo sound (2 speakers of 1 Watt each).
Colorful RGB LEDs (illuminates the logo on the plate drawer and the water tank)
Materials: Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, high temp engineering-grade plastic
Plate and pod drawers automatically and smoothly motioned with electrical motors
Supply water tank volume : 0.32 quart (30cl)
Water tank full, can provide 15 to 30 delicious cooking meal before refilling.
Waste tank volume : 0.42 quart (40cl)
High-quality water filter of 35µm mesh size
Wall power plug 85V –260V   50/60Hz
Standby Power : 5-10W
Peak power output : 1600W
Power cord length : 6.5 foot (2m)
Cooking temperature : 104° -248°F (40°-120°C)
Temperature accuracy : ±0.9° (±0.5°C)   (several temperature sensors)
Heat uniformity : ±1.75° (±1°C)
Cooking pressure : 15 –32 PSI (1-2 Bar)
Pressure accuracy : ±0.5PSI (±35mBar)
Heating elements & sensors : embedded inside the steam generator