What is the price ?

Price during the Preorder campaign is $399 (retail price $599). (plus shipping except special offer)

How can I place a pre-order ?

Natuza machines are sold only on internet.

What is the benefits of a pre-order ?

Natuza recognizes the patience and the trust by providing a special edition to its first customers.
This special edition (pre-orders) campaign offers the following:

  • $200 price reduction
  • Numbered edition with certification
  • Ambassador referral program

What is your referral program ?

Receive a total refund of your machine during the preorder campaign:
Share our preorder campaign link with friends and family and get referral rewards as Natuza Ambassador.

  • $150 refund for the first 3 successful referrals
  • $50 referral refunds per referral until your Natuza machine is free
  • $20 coupon to your referral

Upon the completion of our pre-order campaign, we will refund you based on the number of referrals that lead to successful contributions.

How can I modify or cancel my order ?

You may cancel your order at any time before shipping with a full refund.
After shipping, Natuza has a 30 days return policy from the delivery date of an order for our Natuza machine. You may return for proper crediting, to the following address:

Natuza Inc., 5449 Bayridge Rd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Is Natuza machine secured ?

Before the end of each cooking protocol, exceeding steam (if any) is automatically discharged in a controlled manner inside the waste tank, ensuring that the volume of steam discharged when the user opens the plate drawer is reduced to a minimum.

Where is produced Natuza machine ?

French-Swiss designed and engineered, Natuza machine is 100% manufactured in USA.

Are Individual settings possible ?

Yes, it is possible to modify default parameters such as language, keypad tone volume, colors, etc.

Is there any System lock ?

The appliance can be locked at the touch of a button to prevent unintentional operation example, by children.

Is the machine hot during the cooking process ?

Natuza machine is cooled during the cooking process. Controls, handles and adjacent parts remain cool to the touch. The system prevents steam condensate on every side and ensures low contact temperature on the machine front drawers. For a high degree of safety and protection against burns.

How easy to clean is the machine ?

The high-end stainless-steel drawers have no sharp edges or corners and are very easy to clean. As steam is generated externally of the plate/pod and plate/pod are hermetically closed, there is no need to clean. The glass at the top of the machine is completely smooth without nooks or crannies and therefore easy to clean. It also provides a safe surface to rest plates on.

How often should I descale my machine ?

Natuza recommends you descale your machine every 300 uses.
Over time, water used during cooking process may cause internal mineral build up, which can affect the flow, temperature and overall performance of your machine. Natuza has a descaling kit available for each machine model. Each kit contains two packs of lactic acid solution good for two cleanings and costs $18.00 USD. Descaling kits are available for purchase by toll-free phone.

Safety sleep mode

Natuza machine switch off automatically after 5 minutes. So you don’t need to worry if you forget to switch the appliance off by mistake.

Are the drawers open motorized and secured ?

Plate and pod drawers automatically and smoothly motioned with electrical motors.
A safety mechanism avoids the fingers to be pinched.
For security, the steam generator is not accessible through the drawers and the steam nozzles only operates when the drawers are closed

How long is Natuza machine warranty ?

Natuza has a one year warranty policy

How many plates can I cook with one full water tank ?

Full Water tank can provide about 15 delicious cooking meals before refilling.
The water tank and the condensation container move forward for easy removal.
The water container can be filled and the condensation container emptied without switching on the machine.
The condensation container collects excess condensed steam (if any) to ensure a pleasant room climate.