Natuza Machine

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Cooking is an Art. Natuza makes baking an exact science.

Every ingredient’s flavor fully expresses its aromas, preserves its nutrients and organoleptic properties according a precise cooking protocol. To guarantee a perfect cooking process every single time, Natuza invented the most precise individual and automatic steam cooker.

Touch the button and insert plate and pod. The machine recognizes the plate and controls the cooking protocol for a perfect plate, at the perfect degree and per second. Within 2 to 5 minutes, the plate is done.
Bon Appetit!

Natuza Technology:

Natuza introduces a new controlled steam injection technology for cooking food.
Meals are ready within 2 to 5 minutes requiring no user attention.
The technology is based on an innovative cooking process where steam is controlled, and vaporized up to 32psi of pressure in a temperature range from 104°F (40°C) to 250°F (120°C) ideal to cook all kind of ingredients as meat, pasta vegetables, rice, fish, cereals, desserts and many other dishes.
Cooking efficiency is improved by injecting directly the measured steam inside the plate into the heart of the food.This is achieved by a plurality of nozzles perforating the plate foil.

Natuza is equipped with a high quality water filter in order to ensure a permanent purified water.

At the bottom of each Natuza plate an identification module provides all food and cooking information to Natuza Machine to start the “cooking protocol”.

The Natuza’s revolutionary cooking method enables ingredients to be cooked at the temperature, humidity, pressure and time that feel better, faster and less washed than conventional humid and linear steam cooking appliance.

With Natuza’s technology, steam is generated outside the plate cavity. This allows the steam input to be regulated to perfection and provide perfect cooking. There's never a chance of overheating the food inside the plate causing loss of flavor or dehydrated food. And the interior of your meal stay soft, flavorful and ready to serve.

Electronic protocol regulation
Cooking temperature, humidity, pressure and cooking time are electronically monitored and reliably regulated. Mastering the perfect protocol achieves the best cooking results every single time.

Capacities touch screen LCD color Display:
Natuza offers a unique user interface in an advanced appliance design.

Food monitoring:
Natuza plates can be assigned to different users for a monitoring of food consumption regarding number of plates consumed, quantity of ingredients and number of calories.
Anytime, Natuza machine can provide the name of the plate, identify the user, the calories of the plate, the date of manufacturing or best before date and the cooking time remaining or coming.

More flavor, more vitamins:
Food prepared is a real feast for the senses, from the intensive, authentic taste to the pleasantly al dente consistency.
The principle of Natuza machine is as simple as it is effective: Natuza machine vaporize just the quantity of steam necessary for each ingredient and food is gently enveloped in steam from all sides.
The food is never washed or immersed in water, resulting in less nutrients leaching away, retaining flavor and vitamins.
Natuza machine ensures the best possible food quality and contributes significantly to a vitamin-rich and healthy diet.

 Machine specifications